AEV Procal Speed Calibration Kit (Required for Oversize Wheels & Tyres)

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The AEV ProCal module is a device that allows recalibration of standard Jeep vehicle settings according to the level of customisation that has been carried out. It can adjust the basic and advanced settings of the vehicle to compensate for the fitting of oversized tyres by correcting the speedometer and restructuring the gear ratios. This recalibration is needed to ensure the shift in transmission load is captured and translated to the ECU of the vehicle as the performance of the engine needs feedback for it's own recalibration and ProCal is the most effective way to do this since oversized tyres command a different power demand to standard ones. A recalibration ensures the vehicle can capture the relay system of the engine and convert the power to fit the needs of these oversized tyres. The ProCal module can monitor the tire pressure system and ensures that it is correctly calibrated to fit in with the needs of the vehicle regarding power transmission and conversion. The device aligns the vehicle for an optimal ESP performance through improving and customising power generation and transmission. This gives the engine the capacity to supply the power needed to increase torque and maintain high performance. The ProCal Module optimises aspects of the operation of the car including activation of daytime running lamps when in the expedition setting. It is also used to increase the engine idle rate when the vehicle needs to generate more power. This is most notable with the process of winching where more power is needed from the engine to pull weight. The ProCal module is the device that ultimately hands control to an individual regarding managing the experience that a car provides with the customisations.